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meet wendy haynes,
leading australian wedding & civil celebrant

Wendy HaynesQuotation MarkI love my work and have been passionate about celebrancy since I was appointed in 1995.
It's been an inspiring and rewarding journey working side by side with many couples and families creating personal, unique and heartwarming ceremonies that have touched not only the couple but everyone present. 
Whether your celebration is a wedding ceremony, name giving ceremony, funeral, birthday celebration, or any other of life's 'touchpoints', I can help you to make it unforgettable, exciting, relaxed and friendly and, most of all, fun and inspiring."Wendy Haynes Signature
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See what Wendy's been up to recently! Wendy recaps weddings, events and more in her personal blog.

Hollywood love, real love

I work with people of all appearances, characters, cultures and backgrounds.   ... read more

Treading lightly on the planet

Two of my close friends, in their 30's, have chosen not to become married in the traditional sense and are both very strong and committed in their own spiritual path, work, and study. They spend large chunks of time apart as they follow their own directions (both in environmental fields) yet, their relationship has grown steadily over the past six years.   ... read more

Rising laughter and love

There is a beautiful couple, who live in the apartment below mine, who have traversed the perilous mountains of relationship.  I hear their daily banter and laughter rising up through the veranda decking and my heart always soars to the rhythm of joy expressed in a good old belly laugh. What a delight to live with laughter.  ... read more

Grand Designs - one plus one equals more than two

I watched a wonderful programme, Grand Designs, recently about a couple in their second wind of life.   ... read more

Meeting Roger

I would like to introduce you to Roger, my partner of 15 years (this August). I am delighted that he wants to support me on this venture of blogging. I love his musings and hope you do too. I will slip in a few tales of our journey over the next few weeks as well.  ... read more

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