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meet wendy haynes,
leading australian wedding & civil celebrant

Wendy HaynesQuotation MarkI love my work and have been passionate about celebrancy since I was appointed in 1995.
It's been an inspiring and rewarding journey working side by side with many couples and families creating personal, unique and heartwarming ceremonies that have touched not only the couple but everyone present. 
Whether your celebration is a wedding ceremony, name giving ceremony, funeral, birthday celebration, or any other of life's 'touchpoints', I can help you to make it unforgettable, exciting, relaxed and friendly and, most of all, fun and inspiring."Wendy Haynes Signature
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See what Wendy's been up to recently! Wendy recaps weddings, events and more in her personal blog.

Tea Shop in Enderby

As a person who doesn’t drink tea or coffee I am intrigued by the ritual of making a cup of tea that most people enjoy.  My friend, Ginnie and I visited a little town called Enderby in BC and I discovered a quaint little shop called Mimi's Tea Shop and Cafe.   ... read more

Family badges

Leaving the pretty Okanagan valley after four weeks feels like the close of the second chapter of our journey. Visiting Ginnie and Willy was a step into Roger’s past as they had all been close friend’s  in the late sixties. Living life in Wales after finishing dentistry and moving to the lush green valleys and hills of the Preseli’s was an adventure that created many beautiful friendships that now span the globe. It had been over 25 years since Roger had seen Ginnie and Willy.  ... read more

Fear and New Things

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No Fear

One of the sights that gives me great pleasure here on the slopes of Silverstar is the small kids that are hanging out on ski's... some of them must be no more than two or three years old.

There are lots of really young ones learning with ski instructors, or with their mum or dad, or just buzzing down the slopes as if they learnt from the moment they could walk. It appears that most of them absolutely love it! Big smiles and seemingly No Fear!

Roger and I went off the groomed slopes again today, on narrow tracks through the snow covered forests. It was absolutely silent ... and just a little bit scary. There are a lot of hard dense trees you can hit in there and when you are heading down hill through powder snow it can be hard to control the skis and your speed!

When I was standing at the entrance of the track ready to go through the portal of no return I felt an incredible sense of fear mixed with excitement. I knew I could do it but ... and it was a big but, as I happen to really like my body in one piece... I was afraid of making a mistake...

Once I stepped through the portal, down the slippery slopes, the fear disappeared, because in the moment I had to watch and respond, instantly. I noticed that there is no room for fear, just pure concentration on the task at hand. Alertness. Skill. Strength ... all the things that I had practiced.

Yes, I did fall down... a few times. Picked myself up, brushed off the snow and back into it again.

My muscles worked hard, but the feeling of being totally focused and feeling No Fear was a wonderful insight and feeling.

When we came to a clearing Roger and I would stop and take in the magnificence of the snow covered firs and the silence...and I wish you could have seen some of the young kids come past us with big grins on their faces. Such joy and seemingly No Fear. What a great experience to have!

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New Year's Eve Torch Relay Celebration

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skiing at silverstar

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New Years Eve and Unicorns in the Snow

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Christmas Tree Dressing...

The photo above shows our home for Christmas...

Here in Canada getting the tree was a lot of fun... Ginny and I headed out in foggy conditions, snow everywhere and a bit of ice on the road. Carefully we made our way to a farm up the valley. Christmas Carols were playing and the setting was festive. The young lady helped us pick the perfect tree (are they all perfect?) and then stuck it in the 'shaking machine' to get off all the snow and loose pine needles. It was a beautiful young spruce tree (did you know that if you buy them in the pot over here you have to keep the tree indoors for the rest of winter because the warmth of the house wakes the tree up and you cannot put it out in the cold after that!)
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Christmas Eve in Canada

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