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meet wendy haynes,
leading australian wedding & civil celebrant

Wendy HaynesQuotation MarkI love my work and have been passionate about celebrancy since I was appointed in 1995.
It's been an inspiring and rewarding journey working side by side with many couples and families creating personal, unique and heartwarming ceremonies that have touched not only the couple but everyone present. 
Whether your celebration is a wedding ceremony, name giving ceremony, funeral, birthday celebration, or any other of life's 'touchpoints', I can help you to make it unforgettable, exciting, relaxed and friendly and, most of all, fun and inspiring."Wendy Haynes Signature
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See what Wendy's been up to recently! Wendy recaps weddings, events and more in her personal blog.

Popular Funeral Songs

Aside from the eclectic mix of people's personal favourite's some songs focus on death, loss and grieving... here are just a few I have come across.  ... read more

Funeral preparations before you die?

I have just had the pleasure of meeting with a wonderful lady in her eighties who has made most of funeral preparations. There are some things she is definite about wanting and other aspects that she is happy if her four children decide. Her family think it is all a bit strange as she is still fit and healthy and leading a rich life.   ... read more

Goodbye to my mum

My beautiful mum died at home on Monday at 4pm. Alongside my father, three sisters and the amazing palliative care team, I have been holding her hand, washing and caring for her during the last few months. This past weekend the whole family  ... read more

Living With Our Dead

 Living with the Dead is a great project created by celebrant, Victoria Spence, a vivacious and bold young woman whose passion is evident in her approach to her celebrancy and working with issues of death and dying. The opening paragraph from the Living with the Dead website captures it best.  ... read more

No regrets...

I found this article about a nurse's experience of working with people who were dying. She recorded their regrets and came up with the Top Five.  ... read more

Three funerals, weddings and a baby...

March Madness... On Monday I had a wedding meeting with a beautiful couple at 9am, followed by a funeral discussion with a family. Then one of my yoga students asked me to be at the birth of her baby which came hot on the heels of these two meetings. What an amazing morning and such a privilege to be a part of three transitions in each family's life.  ... read more

Happy Valentine's Day - dedicated to Tom

I was driving home today listening to the radio and heard a beautiful story. A woman wrote in to Classic FM requesting for Valentine's Day that they play, A Red Red Rose sung by Kenneth McKellar, for her partner, Tom.  ... read more

Inspiring Funeral Services

Arriving at the funeral chapel nestled in the bush I was touched by the quiet setting and reminded to hold that stillness as I went into greet the family - the wife, three daughters and a granddaughter and her husband who had come to farewell their husband, father and grandpa who had died at 91 years of age.  ... read more

Busy Busy Busy

A naming, two weddings, two funerals and a blessingway ceremony... what a busy ten days... will be back on line to share each of the ceremonies after this weekend in Canberra where I am attending my Graduation ceremony as a Dru Yoga Teacher! Yay!  ... read more

Farewell Gerald

My father-in-law, Gerald, passed away today. I met Gerald and his wife, Nola, when I was just 17 years old, and they welcomed me into their family with o pen arms. When Simon and I had our first daughter, their first grandchild, our lives became even more connected.  ... read more

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