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meet wendy haynes,
leading australian wedding & civil celebrant

Wendy HaynesQuotation MarkI love my work and have been passionate about celebrancy since I was appointed in 1995.
It's been an inspiring and rewarding journey working side by side with many couples and families creating personal, unique and heartwarming ceremonies that have touched not only the couple but everyone present. 
Whether your celebration is a wedding ceremony, name giving ceremony, funeral, birthday celebration, or any other of life's 'touchpoints', I can help you to make it unforgettable, exciting, relaxed and friendly and, most of all, fun and inspiring."Wendy Haynes Signature
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See what Wendy's been up to recently! Wendy recaps weddings, events and more in her personal blog.

Over familiar ground

We arrived into Sydney airport at 7am in the morning to be greeted by my eldest daughter, Kaya. What a joy to see her. We made our way to the domestic terminal and it was all rather surreal.

It feels like we have only been gone a few weeks not a year!

Unfortunately the Qantas plane is delayed due to engineering difficulties and instead of flying to Coffs at 1pm we end up leaving at 4pm. I did however meet up with a lady I had married 11 years ago who I have seen regularly since then. We had a lovely chat about her three children and what her and husband were up to. I still remember their wedding on Emerald Beach Headland like it was just the other day. Time is such a funny concept.  ... read more

On our way home

Up early and Roger and I enjoy our last meditation in the library of the temple at the Deer Park Institute, in the Tibetan Colony near Bir. It is quiet and still and I look around me with wonder at the intricate and colourful artwork and decoration. The bookshelves filled with knowledge from centuries ago inspiring many easterners and now westerners to find true peace. I sit and hope to absorb some of the years of practice that have taken place in this room.

  ... read more

Barking dogs of Bir

A day of rest in the beautiful Tibetan colony village of Bir. Roger is not feeling so well so I walked up to the temple and sat for a while then came back and exchanged massages with the beautiful lady we are staying with, Robin, who is an awesome therapist. Ahhh… the body needed that. Yet another restless sleep as about ten dogs bark just outside the window for most of the night. I really don’t know how the locals live with the strange and loud cacophony of dogs barking, whining and howling madly and eerily every night. Spero and Robin say they still haven’t got used to it!  ... read more

Health camp in a remote village

We have been staying in Bir for a few days as we come to the close of our north India adventure. This morning we woke early in preparation for a three day health camp supporting our homeopathic doctor friend and his wife.  ... read more

Grieving in public

This morning as we woke to the sound of Tibetan bells and Hindi chants I was outside facing the morning sunrise doing my yoga, as a group of shawl clad women approached softly crying, howling and singing, grieving the death of someone close. There is a bitter sweetness in that the loss of someone is so publicly expressed rather than held in and hidden. May we dance and laugh, cry and grieve, and radiate our light to all those around us.

Temple of Sacred Knowledge

  ... read more

Disability Awareness Campaign in Dharamasala, northern India

  ... read more

Snow on the Himalaya's

  ... read more

Loving kindness in India

The dust bites at my nostrils and lungs as the bus, bedecked with images of gods, frills and prayers, makes its way along the narrow road edges and through the many road works. The driver calmly swerves in and out of traffic just missing stall holders, shoppers and pedestrians. No-one flinches as car, bus and bike horns let everyone know where they are in relation to going around a blind corner, overtaking on a busy city street and bearing down towards an oncoming vehicle. The traffic flows in a divine order of the most amazing kind. I am amazed daily at my calm presence and trust in the process. Only when I sat in the front seat of a rambling bus did this falter slightly.  ... read more

A day of rest in Bir

Sensing my body needed a rest after two big walks and a long day of travel I declined an offer to do a 20km walk up another ridge. Roger was excited about going up another mountain so headed out with glee with our hosts, Spero and Robin. Their Indian taxi driver who arrived to take them to the starting point decided he wanted to go for the walk too! (He was a guide before being a driver). I cannot imagine that happening in Australia!  ... read more

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