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how to get the most out of your wedding day

quotation markAfter all the time you have spent planning and preparing for your wedding day, when the time arrives you will want to get the most out of it. It is very easy for the hours to pass in a whirlwind and suddenly it’s over! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your celebration:
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. It always takes a bit longer to do things like hair and makeup, putting on your wedding dress (checking yourself out in the mirror!), getting into the car and the many other little tasks that need doing.  Make a list of what you have to do (ensuring all the tasks that don’t have to be done by you are delegated out) and then nominate someone to keep an eye on the time during the day. This is important so you can feel relaxed and comfortable and not under any stress about running late.

  • Ensure the arrival time for the vehicle that is taking you to the ceremony allows you to have a leisurely drive to the venue and some photographs when you arrive. Plan to arrive on time as your registrar, minister or celebrant may conduct more than one wedding a day and they don’t like to be kept waiting. Also, many of your guests will have arrived earlier than the specified start time and, especially if it is an outdoor wedding, won’t appreciate waiting around for a long period of time.

  • Before you walk down the aisle, take a moment, at least five seconds, to look up at your family and friends smiling at you. Look around and see the beautiful setting you have created together, and see your beloved waiting for you at the front.  (If you are coming down the aisle together, look at each other before you walk down). It is so easy, with nervousness and excitement to want to race down to the front to say, I do, however with a little bit of patience and calm energy you will get so much from that moment just before the processional begins.

  • Ask your Officiant if you can have a few moments, when you have arrived at the front of the ceremonial area, before they start the ceremony. Smile at your beloved, making eye contact with each other before you turn again to face the Officiant. This is one of those very special moments to savour. Refrain from speaking, holding the silence and beauty by just looking.

  • Take your time with the kiss so it’s not just a quick peck! However, with that said, your kiss must not be so long that it is embarrassing for your guests, especially grandma! I always recommend that when the Officiant announces the ‘kiss’ you hold each other close (no A-frame stance here), kiss and then give each other a lovely hug and embrace until you feel more relaxed and then another kiss!

  • Now you are married and the reception begins… the time can disappear and suddenly you realize you haven’t seen each other all night as you spent the evening chatting with your family and friends. Make a point of seeking each other out at least, say, every hour. Give each other a hug, look around and see the amazing celebration that honours you both. You may want to greet some of your guests together so you can share some of the same experiences of the party.
Most of all, relax, have fun and enjoy yourself!
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Heidi, Cairns
Hi Wendy, I have been reading through your site and from feeling overwhelmed at the whole wedding planning now feel more relaxed!

Candy & Lincoln, Sydney, NSW
Your book gave us an insight as to what the important aspects of a perfect ceremony are. Had I not read your book I don’t know whether I would have put so much thought into the most memorable part of our wedding.
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